LittleBits Chapter Zurich officially opened

Infant Intelligence has been experimenting a lot with littleBits and also collaborating with them. A few months ago littleBits announced the chapter concept, where independent organizations, could create chapters in their cities under the brand of littleBits, benefiting from their infrastructure and network. We truly believe this is a win win situation. Therefore we decided to open a chapter in Zurich and we have now been officially granted the Zurich Chapter title from littleBits. This is just the beginning of a long journey. We don’t want to only focus on one technology and we have other things in the pipeline. But we will keep investing in this relationship and will soon be hosting our first littleBits workshop, where everyone can experiment with it. So stay tuned.

Visit our chapter website and become a member of our chapter, so we can share our inventions and keep you informed about upcoming events:

LittleBits Chapter Zurich


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