What do you want to invent today?

This week I received a few more kits from littlebits and I can now continue with the next steps. I want everyone to have the opportunity to play with littlebits and make their own inventions. I will host in August a workshop for everyone interested to get to know littlebits and make all my kits available. This will be the first of a series of workshops for kids. The objective is to extend the idea from infant intelligence beyond being just a blog, sharing ideas on new toys to create a physical place, where kids can interact and explore technology. For all ages, letting kids play with different toys, we want to find out, which toys suit which age. Without creating any boundaries for the kids, we want them to learn how to push existing boundaries. Please let me know, if you are interested. The exact date and place are not defined yet. I’ll fix everything, once I know, how many people are interested and what date suits best.
There are over 130 bits from 6 different kits, which allow a small group to play around and go through one of the many projects during an afternoon. Two Synth-Kits are still on their way. Which will open the littlebits world to the world of music.
Currently I have:

Quite a collection right? If you wonder, how I got all those kits together, I had a special arrangement with the guys from littlebits. I translated their documents to German I got the Kits in exchange. I admit I underestimated the work, but it was a nice experience. This also explains, why I had no time for the blog for a few weeks. Of course I did no everything by myself (80’000 words are a lot). I had support from a Sabine Shike, who teached me a lot about translations. If you need to get anything translated, I got a (wo)man for that 🙂


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